The risk group is patients with IgA deficiency, in whose blood serum antibodies (of prazosin or IgG class) to IgA may be present.


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Colloidal solutions, plasma substitutes. Diagnosis of drug hypersensitivity. The difficulties in diagnosing perioperative drug hypersensitivity are due not only to buy prazosin online condition of the patient, but also to the lack of standardized routine and validated methods for diagnosing hypersensitivity for most drugs. The main approaches to the diagnosis of drug hypersensitivity can be formulated as follows.

Diagnosis using skin tests is carried out only in a special room, where there is everything necessary for the treatment of an anaphylactic reaction. Long-term observation of the patient after the test or provocation is carried out. A mandatory risk/benefit assessment is carried out before testing. Skin and provocative tests should not be performed if the suspected drug is rarely used, if an alternative exists for the drug, if patients have had Stevens-Johnson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis, or visceral (organ) manifestations. Tests should not be performed to satisfy the patient's curiosity, as in vivo tests can be dangerous.

They require the informed consent of the patient. Skin tests are of limited use. For perioperative hypersensitivity, skin test protocols have been developed with muscle relaxants (sensitivity is approximately 94%), latex, and beta-lactam antibiotics.

Specific allergological examination (skin tests) - allows you to identify signs of a specific type of immune response - the production of minipress pills or a cell-mediated response to a particular agent. These tests alone do not make a diagnosis or predict the presence of an allergic disease, but when correlated with the history, they help the clinician in diagnosing an allergic disease. Dosing tests are designed for local anesthetics.

The CAST (Cellular Antigen Stimulation Test) technology is based on the determination of prazosin (LTC4, LTD4, LTE4) secreted by IL-3-primed basophils under the action of allergens in vitro. It is also called the provocative in vitro test. The method is patented, the authors are prof. De Weck and Dr. Sainte-Laudy. Due to the de novo synthesis of sulfidoleukotrienes (SLT), the CAST� assay has the highest specificity compared to the classical histamine release test.



Laboratory tests are an alternative to buy minipress online. General principles of patient management in the event of hypersensitivity reactions. After assessing the degree of risk, the mandatory withdrawal of the suspected drug (an important therapeutic and useful diagnostic and reception).

The occurrence of hypersensitivity reactions during surgical interventions is a serious medical and social problem.













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